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STIR Update

The Support Technologies Infrastructure Re-engineering (or STIR) is the project to completely revamp the support services utilized by the NIH Help (Service) Desk. The project is a multi-phase, multi-year effort involving the ticketing system, ACD services, KM systems, reporting and various web sites. Phase I of the STIR is the replacement of the current Remedy ticketing system.

This page will be updated regularly with current status information about the project, usually weekly on Wednesday or Thursday. Prior updates appear below the current status in reverse chronological order (blog-style). If this is your first time at this page, you may want to start reading from the bottom.

Current Status (12/04/2008):

Applications and Servers: We continue to work through issues with the installation on Unix. We have high hopes that all issues will finally be resolved next week.

API: We are 90% finished with the documentation and interface. A SharePoint wiki has been created for API Integration customers to use once we kick the project off. We are slating the Remedy subcommittee time slot of 10:00 AM on 12/17/2008 for the kickoff meeting. Assuming things continue as planned an announcement will go out to the HDAG and our integration partners early next week.

Inbound Email: Inbound email was disabled on Tuesday December 2. Though there were a few glitches overall things appear to be proceeding well. Help Desk and STG staff continue to monitor.


Applications and Servers: CTI data has been received by the development staff. Work continues on the Unix-based production Remedy servers.

API: We have been provided a date of Thursday, November 20 for completion of development work on the TIBCO interface. At that point we will do some final testing, prep the doc and have everything ready for customers shortly thereafter. We are preparing the requirements for "version 1.1" of the interface to include additional forms.

Inbound Email: We are performing some analyses of inbound email over the past several months. Some customers may hear from STG or Help Desk staff with inquiries about email addresses that may be attached to automated systems or appear to be forwarded to the help desk.


Applications and Servers: CTI data is just about ready for development staff to begin preparation for load. We continue to work to prep the production environment for installation.

API:  We are in the final stages of developing the first phase of the TIBCO interface to the ISSS. Here are some specifics about what we will be providing. The TIBCO interface is a SOAP-based web services interface. Your common development platforms should have no problem using it, including ColdFusion, .NET (we will need to provide an additional file to .NET developers), Java, and others.  The first release of the TIBCO interface will provide the core basic functionality needed to integrate with Remedy. There will be five operations: OpGetList, which allows you to run a query and return a summary list of tickets; OpGet which will return detailed information about a specific ticket, OpGetAttachments, to retrieve the attachments for a ticket; OpCreate to create a ticket; and OpSet to update a ticket. All five of these functions will go against the Incident Form.

Inbound Email: The inbound email channel retirement has been officially set for Tuesday, December 2. 


Applications and Servers: Versions of the ISSS software (the replacement for the current CIT Service Ticket, CIT Customer Database, and Hot News) are up and running on both the development and test servers. Developers continue to work on various components of the system and the Help Desk management continues working on refining the CTI data. Staff are actively working on installing Remedy and the ISSS in the new production environment.  While we really appreciate everyone's interest, accounts on these systems are not yet available outside of development staff and limited help desk staff.

API: The TIBCO API interface continues development. Though the API piece has suffered some setbacks, these  issues have been resolved and the TIBCO engineers are building the final interface. Once tested, we will develop documentation and deploy the interface to the staging environment - at which point the work of actual application integration with the ISSS can begin.

Inbound Email: Planning for the retirement of the inbound email channel is ongoing. When inbound email is turned off, we will provide temporary exceptions to certain email addresses used by automated systems to create tickets. When the API testbed becomes available, these application owners will need to use the TIBCO interface to build direct integrations with the new system. Once the new system rolls out (date TBA) no email ticket submission of any sort will be accepted.

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