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NIH Roadmap

Developed with input from meetings with more than 300 nationally recognized leaders in academia, industry, government, and the public, the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research is a series of far-reaching initiatives designed to transform the Nation's medical research capabilities and speed the movement of scientific discoveries from the bench to the bedside. It provides a framework of the priorities the NIH must address in order to optimize its entire research portfolio and lays out a vision for a more efficient and productive system of medical research.


Soon after becoming NIH Director in May 2002, Dr. Zerhouni convened a series of meetings to chart a “roadmap” for medical research in the 21st century. On September 30, 2003, Dr. Zerhouni laids out a series of far-reaching initiatives known collectively as the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research.

The new website needed to be available prior to the press release announcing the NIH Roadmap. We were contacted in the summer of 2003 to architect and design this new site.

Our Approach

Because this was a trans-NIH initiative involving all aspects of medical research, all 27 Institutes and Centers, and nine implementation groups, the collection of content, site structure, and design required coordination and cooperation from a large number of NIH staff members. A single point of content within OD was established to manage this effort and worked closely with our design team to identify major sections and content for them, decide on the graphic elements, and develop the content to be included.


The NIH Roadmap site was on line and available prior to the press release. A number of initiatives have been launched from this initial website using the same design and structure. The site has grown in size and complexity while retaining the ease of use and clear design of the original site.

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