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Web Hosting on Windows

The Center for Information Technology provides Windows-based web hosting services to all organizations at the National Institutes of Health. We can provide you with a website at a cost that is extremely competitive in today's market. Please take a look at our rates.

We provide a Windows 2008R2 server environment for hosting your website in CIT’s NIH Data Center.

The servers used by CIT are highly fault tolerant and scaled to the needs of the client. The hardware configuration is better than the best hosting websites in the marketplace. We provide a 1 GB storage area for the client site on a RAID 5 configuration, which has redundant power supplies, teamed interface cards, uninterrupted power supplies, and generator-supplied emergency power.

CIT provides a written Service Level Agreement for the administration of the Windows server, website, and if required the SQL Server database. You assist us when you create the website and maintain the content. To ensure that your code meets your requirements we provide a “Staging Web Server”  to test your code on a pre-production environment (for shared IIS and SharePoint services).

To start the process of getting online, click on the IT Service Desk link at the bottom of the page.

Here are the list of features we offer:

Technical Features

  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer
  • 1 GB disk storage space for IIS .NET sites
  • Windows running IIS v 6.0 or higher
  • Continuous power system (CPS)
  • RAID 5 server drive configuration
  • Teamed NICs
  • Redundant power supplies to servers

Other Features

  • Your own domain name within the NIH (
  • Graphic statistical web usage reports available
  • Web monitoring status
  • Preproduction “Staging Web Server” for shared SharePoint and .NET
  • Server side scripting using Active Server Pages, JavaScript, VB Script
  • Server side includes (SSI)
  • SSL secure server certificates (TLS, HTTPS)
  • 24/7 monitoring and problem resolution at the server and IIS application level

Database Features

  • ODBC data sources into your SQL database tables
  • MS SQL Server support (added costs)

Email Features (no charge)

  • POP/IMAP email accounts
  • Mailing list (Listserv)
  • ASPMail (web browser accessible mail)

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This page last reviewed: October 23, 2014