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Placing Cabling and Dark Fiber Requests

Procedure for IC(s) requesting Dark Fiber for on and off Campus Locations

Send the Dark Fiber Project Manager the following information in an email or DELPRO and Cable Management Branch (CMB) will open a Remedy Ticket:

  • Number of single mode pairs needed, the building number/street address, and room number for each end of the pairs.
  • Desired date of activation.
  • Contact person's name and phone number.
  • Describe how fiber will be used.
  • What equipment will be connected to the fiber?
  • Provide a sketch if you have a specific route to be followed i.e. do you need physically diverse routes?
  • Once the CMB Dark Fiber Project Manager receives the above information it will be sent to the CIT Senior Network Architect for his approval.
  • After the CIT Senior Network Architect's approval and a CIT Billing Authorization Form is signed by the Institute's Administrative Officer, the notice to proceed will be sent to our contractor.
  • If it is an existing cable, fiber patching/splicing usually takes two months after funds approval. If it requires a new cable, it could take 6 months to install, test, splice and patch it through.
  • The Dark Fiber Project Manager will typically assign a Remedy Ticket to the project.
  • The fiber will remain a NIH corporate resource, under CIT management

          Send you request to:

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011