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CIT Organizational Overview

The Center for Information Technology consists of the Office of the Director and five divisions:

Office of the Director (OD)

  • Andrea T. Norris, Director, CIT, and CIO, NIH
  • Alfred H. Whitley, Deputy Director for Administration, CIT
  • Renitalynette K. Anderson, Deputy Director for Management and Operations, CIT
  • Benes L. Trus, Ph.D., Acting Scientific Director, CIT
  • Stephen Hazen, Executive Officer, CIT
    • Executive Office
      • Administrative Management Group, Anita Miles, Chief Administrative Officer
      • Acquisitions Planning and Management Group, Billi Woodard, Officer 
      • Financial Management Group, Kurt John, Chief Financial Officer

Division of Computational Bioscience (DCB)

  • Benes L. Trus, Ph.D., Acting Director, DCB, and Acting Scientific Director, CIT
    • High Performance Computing and Informatics Office, Calvin A. Johnson, Ph.D, Chief
    • Computational Bioscience & Engineering Laboratory, Benes L. Trus, Ph. D., Acting Chief
    • Signal Processing and Instrumentation Section, Thomas J. Pohida
    • Biomedical Imaging and Visualization Section, Kenneth M. Kempner
    • Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section, John I. Powell
    • Imaging Sciences Laboratory, Benes L. Trus, Ph.D., Chief
    • Biomedical Imaging Research Services Section, Matthew McAuliffe, Ph.D., Chief
    • Mathematical & Statistical Computing Laboratory, Peter J. Munson, Ph.D., Chief
    • Analytical Biostatistics Section, Peter J. Munson, Ph.D.
    • Center for Molecular Modeling, Peter J. Steinbach, Ph.D., Chief

Division of Computer System Services (DCSS)

  • Anthony Trang, Acting Director, DCSS, CIT 
    • Enterprise Messaging and Infrastructure Branch, Kevin D. Hobson, Chief
    • Data Center Operations Branch, Anthony Trang, Acting Chief
    • Scientific Computing Branch, Steven A. Bailey, Chief
    • Large Systems Services Branch, John Dussault, Chief
    • Application Services Branch, Anthony Trang, Acting Chief
    • Hosting Services Branch, Anthony Trang, Acting Chief

Division of Customer Support (DCS)

  • Chris Ohlandt, Director, DCS, CIT
    • Support Services Branch, (Vacant)
    • IT Service Desk Branch, Phil Day, Chief

Division of Enterprise and Custom Applications (DECA)

  • Jack Vinner, Acting Director, DECA, CIT
    • Custom Applications Branch, Sandy Desautels, Acting Chief
    • External Applications Support Branch, David Smith, Acting Chief
    • Enterprise Services Branch, Michael G. Foecking, Chief

Division of Network Systems and Telecommunications (DNST)

  • Michael Griffin, Acting Director, DNST, CIT
    • Video and Cable Management Branch, Anthony Trang, Chief
    • Network and Engineering Branch, (Vacant) 
    • Telephone Infrastructure Branch, Todd Cox, Chief

     CIT Organizational Chart (Official)

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This page last reviewed: July 30, 2014