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Forrester Research Overview

Forrester Research, Inc. ( is a technology and market research company that provides pragmatic advice through proprietary research, consulting, events, and peer-to-peer executive programs. Forrester offers services in the following categories to HHS:

  • Class A - Research

    • WholeView 2 Research is a comprehensive, unified view of technology's impact on business - from deep IT issues to broad strategic goals. Forrester analysts share ideas and findings across coverage areas to provide the most holistic perspective of business, technology, and customer demands.

    • Client-Driven Research includes Client Choice and Research Help Desk. Client Choice enables clients to vote for the research topics they care about most. Ballots for a variety of research coverage areas are open for two weeks. Based on the winner, Forrester analysts then write research, which is published within 30 days. Approximately 10% of our research topics are chosen by clients via this democratic process. Research Help Desk is a team of content specialists to help clients sort through and understand the technology issues and concepts discussed in our written research. This service is leveraged by clients who are looking for additional information, applicability, clarification, and updates related to our published research.

  • Class B - Analyst Access

    • Analyst Inquiry is a user's opportunity to learn more from Forrester's analysts about topics and technologies Forrester covers. HHS customers can leverage this service when looking for additional information, applicability, clarification, updates, or even to challenge an analyst's findings or recommendations.

  • Class C - Data

    • Business Technographics: Forrester delivers raw data and synthesized results to uncover consumer and business users' attitudes about and behavior toward technology, including purchasing, spending, and adoption trends. Forrester IT Spending Surveys help clients understand purchasing drivers and track adoption trends for emerging technologies and services, and make informed strategic and long-term planning decisions.

  • Class D - Community

    • Forrester Leadership Boards provide a highly relevant and valuable experience for members through member-directed research, dedicated analyst support, and peer networking opportunities.

Forrester will also provide consulting and advisory professional services and support for teleconferences and events.


Tiffanee Neighbors
Senior Account Manager
Forrester Research, Inc.
1600 Tysons Boulevard, 8th Floor
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: 703-245-6658

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011