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SAS 9.2 Windows Professional Multiple Files Instructions

These files contains a list of identifiers (called volsers) and names for each piece of media you will create. The volser is the name for each directory in the directory structure, while the name is how the piece of media would be labelled if it were created by SAS. SAS recommends that you print both the volser and the name on each respective piece of media that you create.

Using your media burning software, burn the contents of each subdirectory onto the correspondingly labeled media. Do not burn the subdirectory itself on to the media, but open it and burn its contents onto the media. Use of the media you make relies on some of the files being at the top of the media. Burning the subdirectory inserts an extra directory level on the media that will hamper its use.

317274_cd01: SAS Software Disk 1
317274_cd02: SAS Software Disk 2
317274_cd03: SAS Software Disk 3
317274_cd04: SAS Software Disk 4
317274_cd05: SAS Software Disk 5
317274_cd06: SAS Software Disk 6
317274_cd07: SAS Software Disk 7
317274_cd08: SAS Software Disk 8

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011