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Two Way Radio Services

Two-Way Radio Services provide communication services for the NIH Police and NIH Fire Department. These services include radio provisioning, radio programming, radio set-up, equipment repair, and RF antenna coverage expansion.

The system can provide two-way radio communications between predetermined groups, individuals or sections. The priority function of the network is to support public safety, emergency and disaster situations.

Questions about services and equipment may be directed to the Electronic Communications Facility Repair Team, Dennis Potts or Ken Marlar at 301-496-1833 or Global email at Pagers/Two-Way Radio.  Refer to the Telecommunications Fees and Delivery Schedule and Wireless Communications Requirements for pricing information.

Institute/Center (IC) requests for two-way radio equipment may be initiated with the Administrative Officer by submitting a DELPRO (Delegated Procurement Request) to the Pagers/Two Way Radio Support Team via a Remedy Ticket.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011