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Elevator Phones


There are more than 200 Elevator Phones located throughout the NIH community providing security in case of emergency. These phones link directly to the Operator Services Call Center Operation to provide immediate attention in both critical and non-critical situations.

To operate an Elevator Phone do the following:

  • For emergencies only, pick the Elevator Phone up and it will be answered by Operator Services Call Center personnel to handle your specific situation. Report your emergency, trapped on elevator, doors won’t open, doors stalled, person injured etc. The NIH Fire Department will be dispatched to the location provided. For off-campus locations, the local emergency authorities will be dispatched to the location provided.

  • To report an Elevator Phone out of order: Go to the nearest working NIH telephone and dial 611 to reach the repair service attendant. If using a cell phone please dial 301-402-9935. Please be prepared to give the repair service attendant your name and office number, the location of the elevator phone and the nature of the repair being requested. NIH Elevator phones are tested periodically to ensure proper operation.

  • To order an Elevator Phone, CIT Telecommunications processes orders for the installation, programming and testing of the Elevator phones and options available to the NIH community. This includes coordination and review with the Office of Research Facilities, Division of Property Management.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011