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Unattended Service

The NIH Data Center has unattended service—service without operators—during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays for the Hosting and High Performance Computing (Helix) systems.

The holiday schedule, showing specific dates of unattended service, is shown at the bottom of the page.

Mainframe (z/OS) Services

ISPF, TSO, and DB2

  • Will be available during unattended service.
    Users may submit batch jobs to execute in any job class, but some restrictions will apply.


  • NIH-owned tapes on Titan are part of the virtual tape system—jobs using NIH-owned tapes may be submitted and should execute.
  • Foreign tapes require operator intervention—jobs requesting foreign tapes will be automatically canceled.


  • Data sets created or updated on public volumes are backed up early each morning.
  • Data sets may be restored using the Interactive Storage Management Facility. (See "Using ISMF" in the Titan Batch Processing manual.)


  • Central Printing—No printing services are available at the central facilities during unattended service.
  • Output that is generated during this time and is awaiting printing will be processed when normal service resumes.
  • Output that is generated and not awaiting printing will be subject to normal OUTPUT HOLD time limits.
  • Remote printing services will be available if offered by the local sites.

Holiday Service Schedules 2015


Thursday November 26 Unattended service


Thursday December 24 Unattended service after 6:00PM
Friday December 25 Unattended service

New Year's

Thursday December 31 Unattended service after 6:00PM
Friday January 1, 2016 Unattended service

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