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Microsoft OS - Vista

Instructions for Creating Vista DVD

  1. Download and save the 2 Gb .ISO file to your local hard drive (wherever convenient).

  2. You’ll need a DVD Drive capable of writing DVDs: “DVD–R(W)”, “DVD+R(W)” or “DVD–RAM”.

    Note: DVD-ROM will not work, because it only reads DVDs.

  3. Burn the DVD Image using your installed DVD-“burning” software.

Using Roxio Easy CD Creator:

  1. Insert the blank DVD in your DVD/CD-RW Drive

  2. Start Windows Explorer

  3. Locate the ISO file (from where you saved it on your computer), right click the file name and then click Open to start EasyCD

  4. In the Write Method section (under options) of the CD Creator Setup dialog box, select the Disk-At-Once option for optimum recording performance

  5. Click OK or ‘Start Recording’ to write the image to the CD

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011