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Video Relay Service (VRS)

What is VRS?

The Video Relay Service (VRS) enables users who use sign language to communicate via videoconferencing with a remote Video Interpreter, who then relays the signed communication over the video phone – in real time – to the hearing impaired party. VRS uses IP video equipment to facilitate sign language interpretation between the hearing and hearing impaired. By using sign language over the full motion video, VRS allows sign language users to fully express themselves in their natural language, and convey facial expressions and cues to ensure that nothing gets lost in the translation.

VRS users can be reached through a single number that will automatically connect to the user’s primary (“default”) VRS provider. The VRS provider will then provide interpretation assistance to the end users.

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What is needed to use VRS?

  • Request a video hardware system from Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP).( It is advisable that you request a Z-150 video phone since that is the only video phone currently tested and approved for use at NIH.
  • CAP will then email you the CAP Videophone Additional Information Request Form. Fill out the top portion of this form with the required information. It must be signed by your supervisor.
  • Fax the form to the NIH IT point of contact (POC) at 301-402-7349, who will then complete and sign the Technical Requirements portion.
  • The NIH IT POC will return the form to you so that it can be faxed back to CAP (the instructions are on the form).
  • Once you receive the device, contact the NIH Help Desk to request a static IP for VRS services.


What type of equipment do I need to use to gain access to VRS at the NIH?

CIT has currently certified the following system for use with VRS system:

     Stand alone video unit: Z-150 videophone

This is the only model video phone (VP) approved for use at NIH for VRS/VP purposes. More systems may be under consideration. Please contact us at with any questions.

How do I request technical support for Video Relay Services (VRS) at the NIH?

The requestor should open an IT Service Request with the NIH Help Desk ( to request support.

(301) 496-4357 (6 HELP) (local)
(866) 319-4357 (toll free)
(301) 496-8294 (TTY)

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011