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Web Collaboration

What is Web Collaboration?

NIH Web Collaboration uses software and the internet to allow people to communicate in real-time regardless of physical locations, minimizing both the financial and lost-productivity costs of traveling.

Some Sample Uses for Web Collaboration

  • Hold "face-to-face" meetings remotely
  • Rapidly disperse information to users through online lectures and quizzes
  • Allows telecommuters to interact with their onsite coworkers
  • Resolve software questions by temporarily granting a remote support technician permission to control your computer and demonstrate the steps of a procedure
  • Conduct fully captioned eSeminars
  • Your imagination is the limit...

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Minimum Requirements*:

  • View meetings on Windows, Macs, Unix, and Linux
  • Broadband internet connection: Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape Navigator, AOL
  • Flash Player (no other downloads needed)
  • VPN and Parachute compatible but not required
  • Test my computer for Connect-Readiness


  • Truly interactive online collaboration: video, voice, data, animations, document sharing, chat, white boarding, online polling, and remote desktop sharing
  • Virtual conference rooms are available 24 x 7, fully customizable, persistant (room and contents remain on the server until you delete them)
  • Captioning available (free to NIH)
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Easily share documents and information online
  • Supports online quizzes and surveys
  • Meeting room contents encrypted on NIH servers
  • Download or create plugins to add features

* More Details available at NIH Web Collaboration Site

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011