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SAS 9.2 Software Depot Windows Workstation 32-bit

Single File Instructions

The single file cannot be delivered by the usual method of using a web browser. To download the file, use a "real" FTP client -- either the built-in FTP client in Windows via the Command Prompt program or a program like WS_FTP. The following steps demonstrate using the built-in FTP client:

  1. Launch the Command Prompt from either the Windows Start menu – found under the All Programs -> Accessories menu
  2. At the command prompt, type in: ftp & press Enter
  3. When prompted, type in your username -- remember to precede your username with: NIH\
  4. When prompted, type in your password
  5. At the ftp> prompt, type in: binary
  6. At the ftp> prompt, type in: lcd ~/Desktop (or the drive/share you wish to save the file to – i.e. N:\Software\SAS)
  7. At the ftp> prompt, type in: cd /files/test/SBO_1/sas/9_2
  8. At the ftp> prompt, type in: get
  9. After the file is downloaded -- this will take some time -- type in: bye
  10. Type in: exit
  11. The file can now be used

NOTE: Parallels customers who use Vista will need to ensure that the virtual machine is configured to use “Host-only Networking” as the built-in FTP client will not function properly.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011