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NIHnet Perimeter Security Services

NIHnet Perimeter Security protects the integrity and confidentiality of critical and sensitive data transmissions on NIHnet.

Customer Benefits

Provides firewall, IDS/IPS, web filtering and other security services focused on security incident prevention, detection and response.  Limits unauthorized network access, provides protection against web threats and enables enforcement of NIH web content policies.  Also maintains the basic network security device configuration, configures the software and hardware, and provides backup and monitoring of the security devices.  Ensures high availability of security services through the deployment of redundant configurations. 

Customer Market

All NIH ICs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I unable to access one specific external NIH website, which I was formerly able to access?

A: The NIH has a Web Filtering service (Websense), which actively filters (blocks) in-appropriate websites from being accessed on  computers connected to the NIHnet. To have the blocking of a website investigated, contact the NIH IT Service Desk at,, who will investigate the legitimacy of the block, and provide information on what action needs to be taken (if any).

Q. How do I order this service?

A. (TSR Form) For additional information, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk at (301)496-4357 or TTY – (301)496-8294. - You may also contact us
via the website: 


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011