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Call Center Management (Operator Services)


Operator Services provides telephone support and related services to all institutes of the NIH research community, and by employing call center “best practices” seeks to improve the communications among high-level government officials, medical professionals, and the public at large.
The center handles general informational telephone calls, emergency telephone calls, paging  requests and tele-conferencing; placing of national and international  telephone calls  and assisting the hearing impaired/deaf community with TTY calls.


Customer Benefits

The service Provides the Inside NIH and Outside callers from around the world for the Operators to provides call handling, call routing and detailed reporting which provides a baseline for managing customer call flow and connecting the calls to the appropriate Institute at NIH.

Customer Market

General Public and NIH community​

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What services are offered through Call Center Services
A: Call Center Services offers a Web based Automatic Call Distribution known as WebCenter.  There is no need for an extensive capital Investment into the Hardware and Software due to the new Software As A Service platform. Service is offered on a monthly license basis per user, and you are only charged for those agents that use the system during that month making it ideal for small Call Center implementations that still require recording, reporting, monitoring, and call routing.
Q: Who can use Webcenter?
A: Webcenter is designed for Institutes, Centers, and partners of NIH and   HHS. 
Q: What is required to use the service?
A: All that is required is an Internet connection, a PC and telephone
Q: Who do I contact for Call Center Services?
A: Leon Segears (301) 451-2142
Q: What would be the lead time for implementation?
A: TBD based on requirements.  


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011