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Consolidated Network Monitoring System (CNMS)

Consolidated Network Monitoring System (CNMS) is a web-based network monitoring system for NIH. This service provides alerts in the event of network outages via Web, email, phone, and pager.

Customer Benefits

CNMS provides customers with the capability to monitor network status regarding devices that impact users within NIH, even if those devices are shared within a building.  It also provides statistics on network uptime and reports for utilization via dashboard reporting.

Customer Market

All NIH IC's

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is CNMS?
A: CNMS (Consolidated Network Monitoring System) provides ICs with an added-value application to allow them to view Network Events and customize their network devices in the NIH CNMS system. CNMS also provides the CIO, Service Desk and ICs the ability to see network outages by IC / Building and Floor.
Q : How does IT Network support staff obtain access to CNMS?
A : Contact the CIT IT Service Desk. Once approved by the IC POC / ISSO you will be able to access your IC specific view in CNMS.
Q: What types of CNMS reports are available?
A: CNMS reports include CPU and bandwidth utilization reports on devices and critical ports.

Q. How do I order Services?

A. (TSR Form). 

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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011