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NIHnet Enterprise Network Service (ENS)


NIHnet Enterprise Network Service (ENS) is a comprehensive network service providing managed, enterprise-level network connectivity to the customer's wall plate. The ENS service includes:


60+ Network Engineer Staff from Tier 1 – Tier 4  
    • 24x7 NOC for monitoring and repair
      • Immediate response for service outages
    • Located on and off campus to aid in response time 
      • Immediate response for IRT related events
      • Network port Move, Adds, & Changes within 24 hours
Formal Network Engineering Staff
    • Continuously reviews service design for efficiency/effectiveness
    • Plans new technology integration (IPv6, NAC, etc.)
Formal Network Security Group
    • Continuously monitors the security posture of the network
    • Performs C&A for networking equipment
Formal Service Management Processes & Systems
·         Planned refresh program (equipment replacement every 6 years)
·         Vendor maintenance cost factored into the service cost
·         Network ports are continuously monitored for utilization to allow the customer the ability to make service need changes
·         Network ports are continuously monitored for bandwidth utilization to assist in network consumption planning decisions
·         Formal change management system and processes
·         Formal device management using OPSWARE system
o    Performs global changes such as code upgrades
o    Performs configuration audits
o    Performs security related audits such as code vulnerabilities
Formal Device Sparing Program
·         Ready on-the-shelf equipment spares for immediate replacement
Formal Service Reports
·         Online service reports
      • Network port utilization
      • Network availability percentage
      • Bandwidth utilization


Customer Benefits

By becoming part of ENS, ICs reduce costs, improve network reliability, and improve security of their networks.
The service includes local area network (LAN) access using a robust, shared physical infrastructure that allows for easy moves, adds and changes.

Customer Market

All NIH IC's.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a NEW LAN wallplate installed?

A: There is a fee involved with installing a new LAN port/drop, therefore a ServiceNow request must be submitted for the installation. A Supervisor (Manager) or your local IC support staff will be able to assist in submitting the (TSR Form) order.


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011