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Customer Support Web Presence FAQ

1. What web sites comprise the CIT Customer Support Web Presence?

Listed below are the various web sites/services hosted and managed by DCS/STG:

2. How do I request changes or modifications to the web pages managed by DCS/STG?

If you:
  • ...have noticed a typographical error a layout or formatting error in a webpage
  • ...are the content provider for a particular page and wish to update or correct information already presented on the site
  • ....wish to present new information on the site
Please contact your supervisor/Relationship Manager who will then submit a service request to STG with the details of the request.

3. I got a “Page not found” error when I clicked on a link.

Please either contact us by using the “comments” or “Webmaster” email link at the bottom of the page containing the bad link to send an email OR proceed to the IT Help Desk website and submit a service request. Please remember to include the date and time when you observed the error and the browser and operating system on which you experienced the error.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011