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  • Application Services (5)
    Application Monitoring Services, Call Center Management (Operator Services), Custom Application Development Se ...
  • Communication/Collaboration Services (23)
    ActiveSync Wireless Messaging Services, BlackBerry Wireless Messaging Services, Central Email Service (CES), C ...
  • Connectivity Services (10)
    102 Paging Network Support, Cable Management - Inter/Intra Building Connectivity, Consolidated Network Monitor ...
  • Enterprise Applications IT Support (3)
    Business Intelligence Services, Enterprise Application Services, NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) Services,
  • Hosting Services (8)
    Co-Location Services, Database Hosting Services, Search Engine Service, Mainframe (Titan) Hosting Services, Un ...
  • Infrastructure Services (13)
    Active Directory Development and Testing Services, Active Directory Management and Operations Services, Deskto ...
  • Procurement/Licensing Services (1)
    ISDP: Cost Effective Software Solutions,

  • Professional Services (5)
    Consulting Services, General IT Security Services, IT System Security Assessment and Authorization, Relationsh ...
  • Scientific Computing Services (5)
    Biowulf Computational Cluster, Helix Managed Storage, Helix Scientific Computing, IMARIS, MASCOT,
  • Support Services (10)
    Deskside Support Services, eDiscovery Services, Media Sanitization Service, Messaging and Infrastructure Suppo ...
  • Training Services (3)
    Custom IT Training, IT Training Facilitation (Classroom Rental), IT Training,

Please contact the NIH IT Service Desk if you need any additional information about services in this catalog.

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This page last reviewed: November 22, 2011