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Remedy FAQ

1) How do I apply for a CIT Remedy account?

A CIT Remedy account needs to be requested through your Relationship Manager. The following information needs to be provided in a service ticket:

  • User name
  • First and last name
  • Email address 
  • IC
  • What unit will they be put in on the assignee menu and where should it be located If they need permissions, who should it be modeled after
  • Phone number
2) Who Manages CIT Remedy accounts?

Remedy accounts are managed by the Relationship Managers. All account requests and account deactivations need their approval.

3) How can my CIT Remedy user account imitate my NIH Network credentials?

Except in a few rare cases, Remedy User Names are set up to match your NIH Domain login name. To set your Remedy password to sync with your NIH Network credentials, you must set your Remedy password to be blank. This will cause Remedy to automatically seek your credentials on the NIH domain. 

A Remedy Administrator can assist a customer with resetting their Remedy password.

4) How do I get Remedy 7.1 installed?

Remedy 7.1 patch 6 is available from the iSDP at Please be sure to follow the instructions in the installation guide.

5) Can I login to the Remedy system via the Web?

Yes. The correct URL for Remedy Web is

The following browsers are supported as per NIH workstation standards:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox

The following browser is not supported:

  • Safari

If you set a bookmark for the web Remedy login, be sure it points to the URL above and not the page to which you are redirected. Bookmarking the login page itself will cause errors the next time you try to log in.

6) Which server should I be using when logging on to CIT Remedy?

The correct server to use is with a TCP entry 3030.

To set the server, on the Remedy client login screen, select the Accounts button in the left corner of the login box. Once selected, a dialog box will open showing a list of servers. There should be a green check mark next to the server, which is the correct server.

If the server is listed, but has a red “X” next to it, click on the “X”. This will change it to a green check mark.

If there is no server listed, then the server will need to be added. This can be done by clicking on the ADD button and then typing in the server name.

Click OK to return to the login screen.

7) I have to keep typing in my name and password every time I log in. Is there a way to automate this?

As with servers, you can add your User Name by clicking on the Accounts button. Once the Account window is open, select the Users button, then select the Add button and type in your Network ID. Select OK twice to come back to the login screen.

There is no way to save your password in the client.

This feature is only available in the Remedy client.

8) How do I have information corrected in the service ticket log?

If there is inappropriate (like SSN, passwords, etc.) or incorrect information in the service ticket that needs to be removed, Remedy Users or customers will need to contact a Remedy Administrator to have this information removed from the service ticket.

9) I am not receiving email notifications I should be receiving from Remedy. What should I do?

Users may not be receiving email notifications because of an incorrect email address entered in Remedy, or they may have requested that they not receive notifications. Remedy users can update their email addresses in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED). When NED is updated, the new email address will be passed on to the CIT Remedy system automatically.
If the NED email address is correct, the Remedy User account may have the default notification mechanism set to NONE. A Remedy Administrator will need to update the account information to restore the email notification function..

10) Why am I unable to view a specific form, field or tab in Remedy?

If a form or a specific field or tab is not viewable by a Remedy User, the Remedy User may need to be granted specific permissions for viewing job related forms or a specific field or tab on a form they already have access to. A Remedy Administrator will need to update their account. (Note: some forms/fields/tabs may need to have managerial approval.)

11) Why am I getting this error message: “Incorrect login parameters: Web page, user, and/or server name (s) must be provided” when logging into Remedy via the web?

There are several reasons why this message would occur:
  • user name or password are incorrect
  • an incorrect URL was entered
  • the Caps Lock key is on
  • the web server is not available
  • there is a network issue

Make sure you are using the correct user name/password credentials, that the Caps Lock key is off, and that you are using the correct URL - If your problem persists, please contact a Remedy Administrator.

12) What can cause slow response time?

Remedy can be slow for several reasons: a large query has been submitted against the database a high volume of service tickets are being generated there is a general slow response time on the networkIf you are experiencing slowness in Remedy, check Hot News to see if there is a known issue. If there is no Hot News for Remedy, report the issue.

13) How do I contact the Remedy Administrators or get further assistance?

You may contact the Remedy Administrators through your Relationship Manager of by placing a service ticket through the NIH Help Desk via phone (301)-496-4357 or you can submit a ticket via the web at

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011