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Health and Wellness

Between work, family, and personal life, we juggle multiple responsibilities every day. Finding a healthy balance among them is essential to our own personal well-being.

Wellness at CIT

At CIT, we understand that your fitness, health, and well-being affect your satisfaction, performance, and productivity both in and out of the office. To help staff maintain a sustainable, healthy work-life balance, the CIT Wellness Council, guided by Jothi Dugar, CIT's Executive Sponsor for Engagement Activities, NIH Wellness Ambassador for CIT, and the executive champion for holistic mental health and well-being at CIT, shares wellness resources and organizes events with exercises for both mind and body. These Wellness Workshops, hosted by CIT in partnership with Culture of Fit, bring employees together and provide practical approaches and skills that staff can incorporate into their personal and professional lives to alleviate stress and improve mental and physical health. Additionally, CIT maintains a Wellness Hacks Video Library that features wellness tips and tricks from both our CIT employee spotlights and past Wellness Workshops.  

CIT fitness

NIH Prioritizes Health

The NIH Health and Wellness Council at the Office of Research Services is a team of NIH volunteers focused on strengthening the culture of well-being at NIH. They work to establish a model where healthy behaviors are the norm in our workplace. This includes enabling staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle through policies, initiatives, peer support, and scientific information. Topics of interest include wellbeing and fitness, food and nutrition, work-life, health and safety, and mental health. 

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