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The Biomedical Research Informatics and Computing System (BRICS) is a collaborative, web-based platform that supports the collection of research studies and clinical trials. It offers researchers a secure system and a suite of tools to promote the standardization of data, communication, and collaboration across the broader research community and a data repository to hold genetic, phenotypic, clinical, and medical imaging data. BRICS is unbranded and unassociated with a particular disease or organization, so it can be customized to meet your research objectives using plug-and-play components from our robust suite of tools.


Biomedical Research Informatics and Computing System (BRICS)

A customizable system designed to promote standardization of data, communication, and collaboration across the research community.

Data Dictionary

A tool within BRICS that provides functionality for creating, managing, and searching data dictionary components (data elements and form structures), as well as services for validating research data against the standardized common data elements.

Data Repository

The central hub of BRICS that provides functionality for defining and managing study information and for contributing, uploading, and storing research data associated with each study.

Protocol Management and Data Capture

A tool within BRICS that defines electronic case report forms, schedules and collects clinical data, and exports, analyzes, and reports on the data.

Meta Study

A tool within BRICS containing findings from other studies that can be aggregated by researchers to conduct additional analyses.

Global Unique Identifier

A tool within BRICS that generates a global unique identifier for each study participant and allows researchers to aggregate and share a participant’s data without exposing personally identifiable information.

Query Tool

A tool within BRICS that provides a powerful means to sift through volumes of aggregated research data across studies.

At least 11 instances of BRICS have been deployed to support various biomedical research communities focused on accelerating discoveries for rare diseases, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, inherited eye diseases, and physical trauma research.

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